Strategic communication

The foundation for further growth and the future is strategic communications. This is true whether we are talking about people, organizations, companies or other cultures and environments. To be successful you need transparent, effective and listening communication. If we cannot do it, then we will not get our message across.

If we want to be seen we must “market” in terms of customers, constituents, department, family, or what we want to achieve – our target group must see both us and our message. That is what strategic communications and marketing is all about in simple words. No matter connection we have, we need to talk in a way that makes the listener understand what we want to say. Additionally, we control the messages we convey. In all my seminars, communication is a common denominator. My knowledge and training in strategic communication are collected under the trademark and concept known as BusinessTALKs®.

Strategic communication

No matter what context we are in, we need to talk in a way that makes the listener understand what we want to say.

Communicative leadership and strategic communication

The concept BusinessTALKs® offers you comprehensive and practical knowledge in communicative leadership. Here, you will learn the practical and concrete, how you can deliver a clearly articulated message that is followed by an equally clear unspoken message. The listener always hears what you say and your position, and this is also confirmed by your body language and tone.

If you’re communicating in the wrong way your message will be perceived as doubly wrong. This is something that many politicians have experienced!

It does not matter if you are a young coach on the ice or making a presentation to management or the board of directors. The principles of strategic communication apply to everyone in all situations. I therefore offer seminars, individual coaching and mentoring in strategic communications and marketing communications. Here we work with everything, from providing you with tools for building comfort and reassurance in your message, to the tools to build  your message with practical rhetoric, argumentation skills. You will also learn skills on effective delivery and good presentation technique.

“The Elevator Pitch”

In this training you will learn to “pitch” your message quickly and concisely when time is limited. This training focuses on the ability to quickly and clearly express the message in a way that creates a heightened interest that opens the door to scheduling an appointment for your job interview, product or whatever it is you want to achieve.

Intercultural Communication and International Environments

In meetings with business people from other cultures, we can often get help to interpret the spoken word – but do we understand the whole message? In the business meetings the spoken message is usually clearly stated but it is almost always accompanied by one or more unspoken messages.

Strategisk kommunikation internationelltI have worked in many countries from west to east, such as in the United States, Southeast Asia and China. Through the years I have learned to be aware of how I send different messages just by way I  dress, send (or not send) gifts and how titles are used or not. I have made ​​many mistakes when I had believed I acted with proper business behavior accepted as the “norm” in the business world. I have also learned how amazing powerful the unspoken signals are in laying the foundation for trust and satisfaction. I am convinced that long-term relationships between different cultures and in international contexts are both created and destroyed by the unspoken communication.

To be successful you need to know if your business marketing call design is promoting or inhibiting you in a new international environment. What are the benefits of the call; what are the drawbacks? How do you learn to listen to and understand the unspoken language or the body language? Many of the pitfalls can be easily avoided by a basic understanding of cultural differences. Obtaining this knowledge of what to do is critical, and where you can find the information about the situation you are facing is equally critical.

Only when we listen to what is being said between the lines, we can understand how we are influenced by cultural communication. The language of “between the lines” is about the background, values, body language, dress, and different attributes in those you are dealing with. These are just a few factors that need to be considered. We really need to understand and respect all dimensions of communication in order to achieve good results in our business and our collaborations.

Success in the international environment includes more than the business itself. Success is created in the relationship and interaction between people. To succeed, we need to develop our ability to understand and appreciate the differences and similarities in different cultures.

Often there is a specific need. You may already realize you have a problem that probably stems from differences in cultural behavior and communication. Perhaps it was a first meeting that was not at all as you intended. It could be a partnership that does not develop as planned. Ask yourself if it might be ignorance or lack of understanding rather than unwillingness to do business with you or to collaborate with you?

You may also foresee cultural differences. Your company may start working on a completely new market or acquire a new business partner. You need to recruit a manager in another country and from a completely different culture. What happens when communication problems arise? Why was it not good with the all-Swedish crayfish party? And how can you say no to the local delicacy that you cannot imagine eating?

My experience is that problems of this nature really are the foundation of fantastic opportunities. It’s about opening up and seeing cultural communication as an enabler that creates openings, instead of something foreign  and difficult. I offer training and support in the form of shorter half-day events, “kick-offs” or seminar completely customized based on your situation and your international customers position.

Together we will find the tools and methods that suit you. Then, we sharpen your abilities. When you find your form, you will be safer and more secure in your performance and therein lies the foundation for clear leadership and strategic communication.

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