Saffron Time

Saffron Time is the little time that adds color and flavor to the whole of existence. The precious moments that take away the gray, dreary monotony mass that can surround you. Time with spice like saffron adds color, scent and creates experiences beyond the ordinary.

Saffron Time Florida

On the beach in Florida I charge the batteries, you find surprising creativity while taking the time to enjoy life.

Saffron Time is the time we need to feel good and be good. I think many of us have the ambition levels, models and internal demands that boil to an impossible level. Finally, we are no longer able to take the time to thrive and develop. We all need to feel that what we are doing is right and that it is consistent with our inner values. Saffron time is what creates laughter, satisfaction and belief in what we do and want to communicate.

Our Program Saffron Time is created as a result of both my own and others’ need to find a balance between working life expectations, privacy and our own demand for perfection. I realized I need this special time to recharge with new energy. Saffron Time is for me the moment of clarity we need to cope with and enjoy our entire existence. The time we all need to be sufficient, grow and be in the moment – in reality.

In Saffron Time you will learn how you prioritize your entire life. Work and personal life as well as their own time to bring back the joy and the ability to enjoy life. You learn to take advantage of your opportunities, prioritize and select remove anything that costs too much of your energy.

It is thanks to our gifts and talents that we can spice up our lives. Both at work and in their personal need for happiness and balance for us to think that it is worth doing what we do.

Saffron Time walks in nature

Saffron Time to me means including time for walks in nature. Here I traveled the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela.

I meet far too many young managers and employees who have difficulty finding the balance between work and personal life. They often end up choosing to forego their own interests, work or family and friends, which in the long run only creates new imbalances. When working with the program you focus on what brings you joy and awakens your creativity, because then you grow where you have true potential. By focusing on what you do with the time, not the lack of time, you learn to take advantage of even your spare me.

This is the program for those who want to work with a deeper personal leadership. It is for those who want to develop that special and valuable material that is uniquely “you”. Here we create your own program through eight guiding conversations with a personalized materials.

What does Saffron Time  mean to you?

Much of any personal development involves identifying where you are in life, how to find your own Saffron Time and how to learn to opt out or handle the pressure of time and energy thieves. We will look at your current balance to see what tools and methods can help you to focus better and develop the positive.

The program is in the form of mentoring conversations with individual work between our meetings. Meetings take place either personally or via Skype Videoconferencing. You follow a program that we agree on at the preparatory meeting. The simplest program can be described as a binder where your plan becomes the pages. The plan is a collection of materials that we go through together but it is considered as the inspiration and tools. Much of the work you do yourself at home, at work, during your workout or your meditation. That’s when you know where you are and where you want to be. We will work to create your tutorial for you to focus on what brings you positive energy and power. How do you really create space for your own Saffron Time.

Get in touch with me and I will tell you more about my experiences from the program and how other participants experienced it.

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