We negotiate all the time and most of the time we do it unconsciously. Negotiation can involve anything we do, from the choice of a resort, what time we should start a meeting, to what we shold sell more expensively, or buy at a cheaper price, or even own salary negotiations. To be a good negotiator requires needed knowledge of negotiating techniques and negotiation processes. Doubtful negotiators are poor negotiators, but with the right skills and good practices, the results can be very good rather than just so-so.


We negotiate all the time – small and large negotiations, conscious and mostly unconscious. When we understand the negotiation process, success is much easier to achieve and with greater frequency!

The concept Negotiate Success® is about the negotiation process. No matter what we are negotiating and in what role. The process of negotiation is the same whether you are a buyer, seller, officer or employee, parent or teenage child. As in all processes, there are various phases and stages. In a negotiation there are various methods, tactics and counter tactics to be employed. When we understand the negotiation process and our own way of relating to the negotiating phases we strengthen our self-esteem and we go from the element of competition to a real desire to achieve success and win – win solutions.
Done correctly, we will choose the methods that strengthen relationships and create stability for future collaborations. A good result creates long-term success and heightened satisfaction for all parties. In most situations, we want to continue to do good business together, stay in the same family or work at the same company. A good result gives everyone involved satisfaction and a good feeling about the relationship. This in turn gives a good and stable basis for the next phase of negotiations.

In business negotiations, salary negotiations or developmental discussions, we are aware that we are in a process. Yet know most of us without prior training feel insecure in the process, even though we mostly have good technical grasp of the topic we will discuss. The uncertainty is based on our lack of training in the methods and tools of negotiation, or perhaps bad experiences in past negotiation attempts, or low self-esteem.

Inexperienced negotiators believe that negotiation flexibility is less than it is and therefore they are often their own worst enemies.

Once you have an understanding of how the process works, you will no longer feel as pressured and unsure of your negotiating situation. Increasing understanding of the process comes from practice with reality-based cases. It will give you the knowledge and understanding of what works best for you. The goal is to find methods that you feel comfortable with.The interesting thing is that when you feel safe in the negotiating session, your self-esteem improves and it is reflected immediately in your results. In addition, the environment is more creative and you will be able to find new opportunities for discussion. If the negotiating climate is open and honest,  it can be a real win – win environment.

Find and hone your best negotiating tool

During a two-day seminar, you will learn how to do this at our practice negotiating sessions and the methods and tools that best suit you. By alternating theory and practice, I offer a seminar tailored to your specific needs whether for Swedish or international negotiations, or when the emphasis on a specific area only. A customized solution also means that the seminar is implemented when it suits you, in the place that you choose. Does it get better than that? Or easier?

The concept Negotiate Success® is well established, and many individuals, organizations and polytechnical schools have chosen to purchase courses that are specialized for different situations and different skill levels. We have served many different clients, from big companies like Axis Communications, Volvo Trucks,andTyrens, to organizations including the Swedish Sami Association, LRF and the Union.The range of industries and special interests is great, but their need to be able to negotiate successfully required courses tailored to their own situation.

Whether it’s about developing better sellers, more efficient purchasers or smarter wage negotiators, I will tailor material that is suitable just for you.

Kurser i förhandling på engelskaNegotiation Courses in English.

In situations where there are international partners, or if the organization is active in several countries, it is an advantage if an entire group attends the same course and shares the experience and the practical exercises. A good negotiator needs good theoretical knowledge, but even more important to building self-esteem is practice in the hands on practical exercises in a group setting. This is particularly evident in international negotiations because of the special demands on the negotiator to feel safe and comfortable both in negotiating the language and the underlying negotiation strategy.

Here I offer a seminar fully adapted to the markets you serve and the cultural situation you face in a foreign negotiations context. I have negotiated in many parts of the world, both as a buyer and seller and sometimes as an employer. I know that the communications in the setting is just as important as any communication around a negotiation table itself!

Please let me know so we can discuss an arrangement that suits your needs!

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