Working for one’s self sounds great but is often lonely. Being a manager or leader, coordinator or self-employed means the best case scenario is you will be alone and on your own at decision making time. In the worst case, you will frequently feel like you are caught between the proverbial “rock and a hard spot”. On one hand, pressure from subordinates or members to the satisfy their desires, ideas and requirements; on the other to meet expectations, develop appropiate budgets, and develop future visions to be fulfilled.

Although the work is fun, maintaining motivation and creativity are occasions when we need a sounding board the most. A mentor or coach outside your own system; some one to bring fresh thoughts and perspective. Someone who can help you evolve or simply be there to listen objectively.


Sometimes we need a sounding board, a mentor or coach outside our own system. Someone who can help us to evolve and grow, or just to listen objectively.

My leadership was developed largely thanks to a mentor who listened, criticized and gave me tips and advice along the way. Sometimes in the form of simple tools and techniques that I had not tried. Sometimes in the form of feedback based on the mentor’s own experiences. I know how much a mentor means for one’s own development. Maybe it’s because I myself think that it is among the most fun there is to be a mentor and coach.

I work as a mentor, and I have discovered that there are some issues that are recurring. Questions concerning the qualities it takes to be a good leader privately and professionally. There are also may questions about goal setting and dreams for the future. I know there are many different motivations when searching for a mentor.

The relationship between a mentor and those who employ the mentor consists of four cornerstones:

  • That we enjoy each other’s fundamental viewpoint
  • Mentoring is about more than listening. Most people want to have concrete tools and methods
  • A scarcity of time is the norm because any time available must be used as efficiently as possible
  • A mentoring program must be personal and include the whole person – not just professional life!

If you want to participate in one of my mentoring programs, we will work together, face to face, on at least six occasions, but normally we strive for 8 such sessions, each an hour in length. We can be met face to face, if it works with your schedule, or I work extensively with Skype Videoconferencing. I prefer Skype over the phone, because then we can see each other and read body language and the silent communication. It also means that we can add mentoring time on evenings and weekends.

Working as a mentor means seeing both the big picture and how personal leadership, processes and environments enhance or hinder development and success

Mentoring is about all dimensions of leadership. With all the dimensions I mean leadership and health as well as external communication, leadership cultures and how the work environment operates in your environment. Therefore, we tailor each program so that the course material you receive is tailored to your needs and desires. Then we build on the mentor program.

Right from the first moment, you feel that this is your own program and that we work with the areas that you want guidance and support. Once you are done with the program, you have a binder that you can go back and review in order to receive support and guidance both in their own leadership and personal targets as with tools and methods for your work. Even after completing the program, you can easily contact me for further one hour consultation if you need it. I are on hand if there is a conflict in the workplace, you need to wage bargain or just want more support in personal leadership.

Mentor – Groupware

I also offer mentoring for groups, but with an individual perspective. We are talking about a group of up to six participants, where we do a combined group start, a reconciliation meeting halfway in the program and in addition a common conclusion. This means that the entire group follows the same plan as we are working in parallel with each person individually so that both group and individual development. Besides the common material, you will also get a “friendly” course materials that reflects your personal development. This is a popular form of guidance for management teams, boards or groups who want to develop a few steps further.

Since all mentor commitments based on personal chemistry is right I put great emphasis on the preparatory meeting. The meeting is free of charge and without commitment from either party.

Please contact me for more information.

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