About Marie Simonsson

“Midway between Paris and Moscow” with a view of the Jämtland mountains, I have found the ideal environment for my work as a director, business development specialist and mentor for managers and entrepreneurs. After a long commute from nature to the business community and its hectic pace, I have now opted instead to live permanently in a creative environment and travel to my various missions.

Marie Simonsson

Marie Simonsson

Interest in people and organizations have colored my choice of work. For me, organizations are not dull black and white cubes in a schematic without vibrance and life. Instead, I see organizations as colorful marbles that absolutely can not be stacked without mutual balance and inter-relationships that bind and strengthen the group. Some marbles are always on the outside of the pyramid. There are, for example, often specialists. They are not included in the organization itself but nevertheless contribute to the living environment. Dynamic leadership is about seeing the big picture, to be able to make adjustments according to the situations that exist and prevail. I have learned the importance of creating effective teams and situational leadership through my work as a manager in various posts and industries, primarily in Swedish and international industrial companies such as Gustavsberg, Trelleborg, Saab, Scania and Byggelit, and also with the service company Almi Jämtland. In addition, I have been, and remain, active on company boards in Sweden and internationally

Future Opportunities are created in diversity and innovation!

I’ve always liked to think “outside the box”. I became a manager at the age of 25, immediately after my graduation and was fortunate to find myself in work environments where I was encouraged to develop my interest and my business ability to see causal links between change and renewal. For me, it was natural to pursue situational leadership and future-oriented organizational work. Since the interaction between people has been one of my biggest motivations, I started early to work with negotiations in various forms: wage negotiations, business negotiations and international trade negotiations. My various positions have given me the opportunity to work and do business across large parts of our amazing world. I learned the importance of daring to trust intuition and the instinct to act on situations that drive successful developments rather than waiting to react to external changes beyond the organizations control.

Marie Simonsson

“Midway between Paris and Moscow” with a view of the Jämtland mountains, I have found the ideal environment for my work as a director, business development specialist and mentor to managers and entrepreneurs. Photo: Anita Näsberg

If we continue to do the same as we always have done we can not expect new results!

Today I do it by working with negotiation techniques, boards and nominating committees and by being a coach and mentor, especially in situational leadership. Leadership that takes advantage of opportunities and diversity. A leadership that allows groups to become teams. I work under my brands BusinessTALKs®, Negotiate Success® and Saffron Time. That way, I have the flexibility to tailor materials and structures based on customer requests for knowledge and training in leadership and negotiation skills, with a foundation in the importance of communication.

My practical experience is solid, substantiated with BA from the Gothenburg School of Economics, followed by a Master of Science degree from Springfield College, Massachusetts, concentrating in leadership and organization theory with behavioral targeting, and most recently with post graduate studies at the Bowen Center i Washington, DC on how organizations and groups behave like  emotional systems.

I am convinced that my interest in people, organizations and emotional systems will mean that I continue my own development going forward. I can only see the need for good working environments and social leadership growing. I also see a growing demand for courage and standpoints which means that we have to demand good leadership. This applies to both personal leadership and comprehensive social leadership. I know I will continue to evolve in that direction.

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