Board of Directors and nominating committees

To sit on a board or nominating committee is both interesting and important! Whether you are involved in the local hockey association or the multinational company, the work and responsibility is basically the same. The Board is or should be a cooperative group with clear common goals. One of them is to represent all shareholders’ interests.

Board of Directors and nominating committees

A board and a nominating committee often need help with methods, insights and tools to manage the process of going from unknown group to effectively performing teams.

A board is among the few groups that is picked by another randomly assembled group – the Nomination Committee. The newly selected directors often meet the other team members for the first time at the meeting when they are elected as a director. Within a few seconds after election, they are expected go from being a group of unknown people to become a cohesive team that manages governance and strategic issues. They are responsible for the content of strategic communications and marketing communications to the outside world! It is a task that requires interaction and preparation. In addition, there are also the statutory requirements that a board should fulfill.

Both boards and nominating committees need help with methods, insights and tools to meet the challenges of going from unknown group to an effectively performing team. A development that is absolutely necessary for the board to be an asset to the company or organization.

What characterizes most groups is that they use way too much valuable time on side activities and uncertainty in each other and their interactions. A team creates common vision and is working to implement it in comfortable consensus. By increasing understanding of the behaviors and practices that builds teams, you can create a common ground that is invaluable for your future work.

In a group, the members are unsafe and ineffective when they are together. When the group evolves into a cohesive team, the members act the same, and people feel self-esteem and secure in the Community. In effective teams there is trust, courage and respect.

If you feel that your board or nominating committee needs to focus more on results, community and efficiency, it is time to work on team effectiveness. If you want to be able to start focusing more on visions, goals and business intelligence and less on rules and what has already happened. Well, then you need to start by understanding how you work as a group and how your own leadership works at present. It is entirely possible to develop from groups to teams but leadership needs then also certainly to be changed in order to best manage the work ahead.

The two-day seminar, tailored to your Board or Nomination Committee

It is possible to implement them separately or simultaneously. The latter proposal represents a common date for the Board and the Nomination Committee and thereafter, participants have a separate day focusing on the Board and the Nomination Committee. The materials and tools that I use are based on extensive research groups and their behavior. Each seminar is implemented in the format you want and at a time that suits you.

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