Situational leadership

Opportunities are created when there is interaction between people. Situational Leadership is about taking advantage of the breadth of our different backgrounds and experiences to create future solutions. We live in a time of diminishing geographic borders and expanding economic possibilities. The challenge lies in our ability to welcome the unexpected and daring to do something new and different.

Situational leadership

In meetings between people, we need to understand each other’s messages, both spoken and unspoken. Our unique ability to read body language while we listen to what is being said is a tremendous resource that can be enhanced with a little work.

Whether you want to improve company profitability, develop better situational leadership or act in new and foreign environments, it is all possible for those who seize the possibilities! It’s all about taking the possibilities and making them reality!

Success is created through communication. If you do not communicate well, you can not change or improve. It does not matter if your role is the manager, lead negotiator, or if you work with the organization’s overall governance issues.

Successful communication is not limited in context. It does not matter if you are in the workplace, your club or negotiating wages. In all contexts, success comes from your ability to effectively and accurately listen to what is communicated to you, and then effectively communicate your message. This is the foundation for everything in the concept of situational leadership!

With the right skills, good tools and effective methods you can sharpen your skills in the roles as negotiators, entrepreneur, manager, director or member of a nominating committee.

I work in the following main areas:

  • Mentor and Coach – Situational leadership, women and men in management, and organizational development and leadership in change
  • Negotiation Skills – Business negotiations, international negotiations, wage bargaining and strategic communications
  • Board of Directors – Going from team to team, how the group will be a good board, what a nominating committee to consider when it comes to the Board as a management team?
  • Strategic Communication – Advocacy skills, practical rhetoric, presentation skills and an elevator pitch
  • Situational leadership – all my courses based on this approach. Whether it’s about you lead yourself or the world

Personal mentoring tailored to your calendar

If you want to work with me as a mentor, you and I will customize a program tailored just for you and your preferences. The individual program can be customized to your calendar, and also combined with courses and seminars with coworkers. Mentoring is preferably performed by using a combination of personal meetings and evening video conferences via Skype.
No matter which option you choose, you will gain an understanding of the modes of communication and communication the tools best suited for you, your group, club or business.

Custom Tailored Intensive Courses and Seminars

Situationsanpassat ledarskap med Marie Simonsson

Marie Simonsson

Communication is all about delivering a message and understanding the message received from the other party; situational leadership is to seek solutions where everyone gets along and is happy with the situation. It is all about having the right knowledge and the right tools. Therefore, I offer seminars or intensive courses in our proprietary brands BusinessTALKs® and Negotiate Success®. When time is limited for training yourself or for your group, this is the most effective road to success! If you choose to educate yourself together with colleagues or your department, I customize a seminar based on your specific needs in terms of timing, structure and content.

My application is time-effective and provides tools that produce results for your work!

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